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Everything you need is included. Marketing pages, contact forms, pricing, faq, authentication, routing. Even the forgot password flow works. You'll never need to build that stuff again!


Who is Divjoy for?

Developers who want to move fast. Divjoy sets you up with an entire React codebase and UI in minutes. You save days to weeks of development time and can get right to work on the features that make your web app unique.

How does this work?

Choose a template above and we’ll let preview and customize right inside Divjoy. Explore your site, add pages, and drag in new sections from our visual component library. When you’re ready to move to code simply download your codebase or one-click export to CodeSandbox.

You just blew my mind. Is it free?

Totally free! You don’t even need to signup. Our mission is to remove as much friction as possible so you get right to building your next big idea. We’ll be adding premium templates later for people that want something extra fancy.

I wish Divjoy had ________.

We'll be adding new export options and templates based on your feedback. Please let us know what you'd like to see. Message us via our chat widget or drop a post in our forum. Hope to hear from you!