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Divjoy handles all the integration details. From routing to React hooks, you'll have everything you need to build something great.

UI Kit
Bootstrap is the world's most popular CSS framework. You'll be using components from React Bootstrap for the best development experience.
You get a modern React app powered by the official Create React App, including development server, build scripts, and React Router.
Firebase Auth provides an end-to-end identity solution, supporting email and password accounts, Google, Facebook, and more.
Cloud Firestore is a flexible, scalable NoSQL cloud database to store and sync data for client and server-side development.
Subscription payments powered by Stripe. You'll get everything you need to take payments, including webhooks and customer portal integration.
Vercel (formerly ZEIT) is the easiest way to deploy websites and serverless functions. Your codebase will be optimized for this host.

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Divjoy gives you all the UI you need. Landing page, authentication, pricing, forms, account settings, payments, billing management, and more. All responsive and perfectly integrated with your chosen stack ✨


Web app that highlights product features and includes pages for about, contact, pricing, faq, signup, account settings, and more.

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Who is Divjoy for?

Developers who want to move fast. Divjoy sets you up with an entire React codebase and UI in minutes. You save yourself a month of development time and can get right to work on the features that make your web app unique.

How does this work?

Choose your stack and template above and we’ll let you customize in our built-in editor. Tweak styles, add pages, and drag in new sections from our visual component library. When you’re ready to move to code you can download your codebase or one-click export to CodeSandbox.


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