Our mission is to be the best way to get started with your next web app. We believe devs spend way too much time wrestling with technical choices and rebuilding the same basic layouts. Divjoy lets you skip all that so you can spend more time focused on what makes your web app unique.

Whether you're building a simple website or dynamic web app with authentication, you can use our library of themes and building blocks to quickly iterate through ideas and setup a nice looking frontend.

Feeling adventurous? You can even create new React components, write Javascript, and tweak styles right in our tool. We abstract away the boilerplate but still give you the full power of code.

As soon as you feel you'd be more productive in a traditional code editor, simply download your codebase or one-click export to CodeSandbox.

We're just getting started and would love to know what you think. Feel free to send feedback to hello@divjoy.com or tweet at @divjoy